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To advise the President on the management of financial operations and accounting regimes. To implement centralized management and efficient use of financial resources in accordance with the regulations of the State.


1.  To develop and implement a financial plan in the short, medium and long term.

2. To do estimate and accounting and report the settlement of the funds according to regulations.

3. To collect tuition fully, accurately and on time from students; remittances of NLU’s units having financial revenues and expenditures. To advise the Board of President on increasing their NLU’s revenues.

4. To be primarily responsible for the formulation, amendment, supplement of regulation on the internal expenditures annually.

5.  Making the payment of wages, social insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance, allowances for management, teaching, benefits, overtime and other benefits for public servants officials, seasonal labor contracts; scholarship payments, allowances for all students and expenses for learning, teaching, scientific research, infrastructure construction, repair, procurement of the equipment ... accordance with the current regulations.

6. To guide accounting mode, transfer documents of the State on financial management, implement the financial test for units having financial revenue and expenditure and budget usage. 

 7. To monitor settlement of tax forms, receipts, personal income tax, securities funds; and monitor NLU’s account at the bank or treasury.

8.  To coordinate with relevant functional unit to manage effectively and save financial resources and assets of the University.

9.  To implement effective compilation and report on financial performance under the current accounting regime.

10. To manage and use efficiently human resources, facilities and vehicles, equipment to be delivered.

11. To coordinate with other functional units to perform the work incurring during joint operations.


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